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News | 15 April 2024

Help Bring Pete McKee Artworks Home for New Exhibition

© Pete McKee

One of Sheffield’s best-loved artists, Pete McKee is looking to track down some of his earliest original works for a major new exhibition at Weston Park Museum and he needs your help.

Pete is calling on the public to help him locate 25 of his past original artworks. The works are set to star in new exhibition which will make its debut at Weston Park Museum later this year. Opening in November, The Boy with a Leg Named Brian will take visitors on an autobiographical journey through Pete’s childhood in 1970’s Sheffield.


The exhibition is made up of new and past works – and that is where you come in! Pete needs help locating some of these original paintings, which he would love to include in the show.

Pete McKee, Or Else © the artist

‘I am really excited about this exhibition, my dad used to take me to Weston Park Museum when I was a child so to be able to have a big show here is really an honour. It would be great if you could help me in locating these paintings and make this exhibition extra special.’
Pete McKee

You can view all the works Pete is looking for in the galleries below. Pete is only looking for original artworks, not prints, and only the works listed below – please don’t not contact us regarding any paintings not featured below.


The originals are easily identifiable – they will be painted on board and will either be unframed or framed in a wooden frame.

The Artworks & How to Get in Touch

If you own one of the listed originals, please get in touch with Pete's team – they’d love to talk to you about borrowing it for the upcoming exhibition. You can contact them at



Pete McKee: The Boy with a Leg Named Brian will open at Weston Park Museum in November 2024 – look out for more details coming soon.