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A very focused child cutting paper held close to their face. A very focused child cutting paper held close to their face.

© Andy Brown

© Andy Brown

The #MondayMakes activities we created when families couldn’t visit their museums during the pandemic are a great way to get creative at home.

Learn to make your own mammoth from a milk carton, have a go a creating an Op Art masterpiece and more.

Make a Family Portrait

There are lots of family portraits of in Sheffield's Visual Art collection. In this Make, learn how to create a portrait of your family or friends with an amazing stained-glass effect.

Make a Noughts & Crosses Game

Versions of three-in-a-row games were played in Ancient Egypt and noughts and crosses was the first game to be played on a computer in 1952. In this #MondayMakes, learn how to make your very own version.

Make a Bug Hotel

Invertebrates like beetles, spiders and dragonflies keep our planet healthy in many different ways. In this #MondayMakes, help you little ones discover and learn more about the wildlife in our gardens and parks and make a bug hotel to attract some insect guests.

Make a Paper Bead Bracelet

Paper beads have been used in home decorations and jewellery for over a century. In this #MondayMakes, learn how to make your own paper bead bracelet inspired by the beads and necklaces in Sheffield's museum collections.

Make an Anglo-Saxon Helmet

Make your own Anglo-Saxon helmet inspired by the amazing 14,000-year-old Benty Grange Helmet in the city’s Archaeology collection.


Make Brilliant Bunting

Learn how to make some brilliant bunting to celebrate all the things that are important to you.

Make a Dolls' House

Sheffield has some spectacular dolls' houses in its museum collections. Have a go at creating your own version of a mini mansion or cosy cottage.

Make an Op Art Masterpiece

Create art that plays tricks on the eyes inspired by one of the most popular paintings in the city’s Visual Art collection, Bridget Riley’s Rise.

Make a Milk Bottle Mammoth

Turn a plastic milk bottle into a Woolly Mammoth like the ones that used to roam Sheffield.

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