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Museum volunteer standing in Weston Park Museum wearing a medieval costume. Museum volunteer standing in Weston Park Museum wearing a medieval costume.
Volunteering, a splendid way to create change and exchange information with others.

Hi, I am Lebo, a short name for Lebogang. I come from Botswana in Southern Africa. Botswana is known for her diamonds, beef and tourism! I am a journalist by profession, and I like interacting and learning new skills from people from all walks of life, and this is why I choose to volunteer at the Sheffield Museums as it allows me to meet different people.

I started volunteering at Sheffield Museums in 2023 after a friend took me to Millennium Gallery when I was new to Sheffield. I was immediately drawn to the appearance of the building how popular it was with lots of different people. I saw that as an opportunity, and the Front of House team helped put me in touch with the Volunteer Manager. Now I am part of the team and I am happy to have been offered this opportunity, and to be part of the Sheffield community.

My first volunteering session was at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet where I worked with other volunteers to spruce up the garden. I learnt a lot of flower names and gained lots of new gardening skills. At the end of the session, we sat down with a cuppa and cookies that were supplied by my fellow volunteers!

My second session was at the Millennium Gallery where I helped with fundraising activities. It was quite an experience as I was able to chat with different people and because I am a non-native English speaker, I am always looking forward to learning something new, in terms of language!

Most of my volunteering sessions are at Weston Park Museum, where I help with object handling sessions. I get to show people ancient items and objects from the Natural Science collection, such as a tooth that belonged to a shark 100 years ago! I also volunteer with School sessions and help school visitors find hidden items around the museum, and I get to hand out stickers once the school visitors complete their task! I’ve found everyone at Sheffield Museums helpful and I will forever give my spare time to the community of Sheffield!