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Close-up of a face of a young person wearing headphones. Close-up of a face of a young person wearing headphones.

We worked with Screen Yorkshire to support BA Screenwriting and Film and BA acting & performance students from the Department of Culture & Media at Sheffield Hallam University to create a series of short films in response to the themes of the City of Rivers exhibition at Weston Park Museum.


As the panic starts to rise, and everything gets harder, every noise around you feels a hundred times louder. Just stop. Take a moment. Breathe and think about somewhere calming, water flowing, leaves blowing in the breeze. Everything is calm. A short film about the effects of anxiety and the calming influence of Nature on a troubled mind, created by students from Sheffield Hallam University for Screen Yorkshire.


River Cleanup

A story about river pollution, human impact on nature and how a community can make a difference to protecting all our precious shared spaces.


Kings of the River

This Short Documentary explores the community of photographers who capture Sheffield's famous Kingfisher's in action. Following and displaying Paul Maher's photography work gives us an insight to what the Kingfisher means to him, and to the people of Sheffield.


Rivelin Arts Society

This short film highlights the Rivelin Valley Painters, a small group of artists who upon returning from WW1 banded together around their shared loved of nature, painting the valley as a form of therapy for shell shock.


Our Boat

A curious miniature boat travels through the rivers and waterways of Sheffield, from the Peak District to the streets below.



'Immersion' is a short film capturing the experience of swimming in the River Rivelin, one of Sheffield's most common and beautiful wild swimming spots. Wild swimmer Rachel tells us how wild swimming has enhanced her daily life and how she has discovered the transformative power of nature and water.



An exploration of how the sounds of nature affect people and evoke their emotions. SoundWave celebrates the rivers of Sheffield by reflecting on what they mean to the locals.



A Sheffield river provides the constant backdrop for changing relationships.